We will get you from nowhere to anywhere

21st NORTH provides a variety of logistical services in relation to mineral exploration or scientific expeditions.

  • Fostering contacts with authorities in order to acquire necessary licenses and permits for exploration, core drilling, bulk sampling, blasting, radio/communications, transportation, driving in the field etc.
  • Preparation of equipment and packing inventories. Advising on, and purchasing of equipment designed for exploration programs including storage of fuel and explosives.
  • Planning and executing of mobilisation for crew and equipment by helicopter, airplane, ship, barge or landing craft.
  • Constructing and management of exploration and base camp set-ups.
  • Preparation and implementation of health & safety and emergency procedures. Providing adequate and appropriate safeguards for employees and the environment.
  • Acquiring legal representation, renting business offices and residences. Establishing bank accounts, acquiring vehicles and other necessary exploration equipment as well as interfacing with local governments.
  • Supporting adequate skilled support personnel (geologists, assistants etc.), equipment and facilities to ensure safe and efficient operations for clients.

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